More Parking; Less Biking

Aug 24, 2011

The debate over whether a portion of major artery through downtown Lexington should offer parking or a bike lane has been decided…at least for now. A striped bike lane, that runs along one block of Maxwell Street between Woodland and Kentucky Avenues, will be erased.  The short stretch had offered parking, but was accidentally painted over as a bike lane.  Richard Sexton, who owns both business and residential property in the neighborhood, says they need parking spots.

“High street is always hard to find a traffic spot.  If you take these away from Maxwell street, where are these people gonna park to try to come in and try to spend some money with us,” said Sexton.

Lexington council member Diane Lawless favored  keeping the bike lane in place.

“People often get their cars side-swiped, bigger cars, are parking there.  It’s a very narrow street,” said Lawless.

After debating the issue and considering two separate petitions, Lexington’s council voted to return parking to the one block area…leaving the bike lane along a large part of Maxwell Street intact.