More From The Guy Who Live-Tweeted The Assault On Bin Laden

May 5, 2011

Sohaib Athar, the Pakistani computer programmer who inadvertently live tweeted the assault on Bin Laden earlier this week, has published an FAQ.

Athar, aka @ReallyVirtual, says his purpose is "to clarify a few facts and to answer most of the (mostly redundant questions) that I am receiving via email and tweets."

One somewhat refreshing detail: He's not trying to cash in on his instant celebrity.

Q: How much are you charging/getting paid for interviews?

A: Nothing. I was trying to avoid the media altogether, but I have tried to respond to the ones that managed to reach me.
Even though I can not really respond to all the interview requests personally, I have replied to as many channels as humanly possible.
I did need to buy a new headset for online calls, so I am Rs. 500 in the negative _;)
Yes, I do know that 'monetization' is an option for me, and I do realize that I have been 'missing out on some big bucks' and not 'milking the media for what it is worth' – I just don't have the energy or motivation to think in that direction. Or maybe I'm just plain stupid.

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