Thu May 5, 2011
Planet Money

More From The Guy Who Live-Tweeted The Assault On Bin Laden

Sohaib Athar, the Pakistani computer programmer who inadvertently live tweeted the assault on Bin Laden earlier this week, has published an FAQ.

Athar, aka @ReallyVirtual, says his purpose is "to clarify a few facts and to answer most of the (mostly redundant questions) that I am receiving via email and tweets."

One somewhat refreshing detail: He's not trying to cash in on his instant celebrity.

Q: How much are you charging/getting paid for interviews?

A: Nothing. I was trying to avoid the media altogether, but I have tried to respond to the ones that managed to reach me.
Even though I can not really respond to all the interview requests personally, I have replied to as many channels as humanly possible.
I did need to buy a new headset for online calls, so I am Rs. 500 in the negative _;)
Yes, I do know that 'monetization' is an option for me, and I do realize that I have been 'missing out on some big bucks' and not 'milking the media for what it is worth' – I just don't have the energy or motivation to think in that direction. Or maybe I'm just plain stupid.

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