Moms Are DownRight Excellent

May 7, 2011

On-Air Challenge: In honor of Mother's Day, come up with items in each of the given categories that start with the letters of the word "Madre." For example, for the category "3-letter boys' names," the answer would include Moe, Art, Don, Ray and Eli.

Last Week's Challenge: From listener Dave Taub of Eugene, Ore.: Take the name of a well-known U.S. university. One of the letters in it is a chemical symbol. Change this to a two-letter chemical symbol to name another well-known U.S. university. What universities are these?

Answer: "Duke" and "Drake"

Winner: Larry Hughes of Tujunga, Calif.

Next Week's Challenge: From listener Aida Doss Havel: Think of two common girls' names that are seven letters long and that start with the same four letters in the same order. Drop these four letters in each name, and mix the last three letters in each name to come up with another common girls' name in six letters. What names are these?

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