Mock 'Active Shooter' Exercise Planned at Berea College

Oct 9, 2013


A mock emergency is planned Thursday at Berea College.  The purpose is to test six different agencies in their response to a campus shooting scenario.  Chris Maguire is Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications at the southern Madison County College.  “There will be what appears to be an active shooter on campus and the whole purpose is to test our public safety and our coordination with the various police agencies locally and throughout the county,” said Maguire.

Calling it a stress test, Maguire says the purpose of the exercise is to zero in on any breakdowns in response and communication. 

“While we know that this exercise is coming, we don’t know exactly what all is gonna happen and that is a really good thing because that’s the point of stressing the system to see how you react in an emergency,” explained Maguire.

He says Berea College faculty, staff, and students were first alerted to the active shooter exercise two weeks ago. 

“You know the last thing we want is for students not to be informed or to cause concern with their family at home,” said Maguire.

The noontime mock event will have participants ranging from the shooter to victims. The drill begins at noon and should last about two and a half hours.