Microsoft Pumps Millions into Appalachia

Microsoft is spending two million dollars in Kentucky and twelve other states in order to boost job training programs.  The economy nationwide is still reeling from the economic downturn, but prolonged joblessness is nothing new to the Appalachian region. That’s why Microsoft announced its divvying up two million dollars to non profits from Pennsylvania to Mississippi. Company Vice President Fred Humphries says providing new computer software is vital to uplifting the economy throughout the region.

“The software will upgrade the capacity of organizations throughout the region to train workers with the skills they need to compete more in today’s 21st Century economy,” said Humphries.

In all Kentucky nonprofits will have access to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and the money will be handed out on a competitive basis. Earl Gohl represents the Appalachian Regional Commission, which has teamed up with Microsoft for this venture. He says the money will go a long way to helping local groups retrain their job force.

“Throughout Appalachia we have this incredible group of individuals who run nonprofits. These are folks, these are entrepreneurs, they are teachers, call them anything you want to call them, but it’s like an army, an Appalachia army of folks who get up every day, who work very hard to make sure that their communities are better places for their kids and grandkids than it was for them,” said Gohl.

The money can be used to fund anything from improving high speed internet access in rural communities to job training programs.