Mercury Spill Cleanup Continues

Dec 20, 2011

Officials from local, state, and federal agencies are watching over the cleanup of a mercury spill at Eastern Kentucky University.  Last Thursday, mercury leaked from a broken barometer inside the Moore Science building.    The incident occurred as equipment was moved into E-K-U’s new science facility.  Some contamination was detected in both structures.  E-K-U spokesman Marc Whitt says the all clear could come this week at the new science building.

“The concentration of the mercury was heaviest in the Moore Science as a result…there has been more focus on getting that particular facility cleaned up and will take a little bit more time,” said Whitt.

Whitt says many of the building’s occupants have been checked for contamination.

“We have had an excellent turnout of those students and faculty and pleased to report that so one has reported any cases of illness,” added Whitt.

Mercury in liquid form carries a health risk for those people who come in contact with it.