Men's Health Reaction

Jul 6, 2011

A poor review by Men's Health magazine has prompted a response by a member of Lexington's urban county council.  The publication recently rated Lexington the nation’s most sedentary city.  Council member Jay McChord suggests he, along with Lexington's mayor , the president of the University of Kentucky, and the Fayette County Schools Superintendent  travel to Pennsylvania to meet with magazine representatives.

“and ask them to do an article in one year’s time about us and how we turned this around.  I’m going to ask them to walk with us for a year,” said McChord.  .

The Men’s Health report stated Lexington residents have higher rates of blood clots in their legs, which can be associated with in-activity.  Vice Mayor Linda Gorton wonders whether the count is a accurate measure of Lexington's permanent residents.

“I hope when you are up there, you’ll ask them to break down the deep vein thrombosis between the people from other counties that came in to be treated and the people from Lexington,” added Gorton.

McChord, meanwhile,  says the Men’s Health label will stick unless something is done in a deliberate manner to show fitness is important to Lexington residents.