Mayors Make a Friendly Wager

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer presented his Lexington counterpart with a bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon today as part of a friendly wager on who will win the Final Four matchup between U of L and UK. Fischer says Lexington Mayor Jim Gray needs to brace himself for a loss in New Orleans. “I think later this week you all need to be focused on starting to medicate yourself because there’s going to be a huge disappointment in Catland come Saturday.”

For his part of the bet, Mayor Gray offered up a pack of Alltech’s Bourbon Barrel Ale. And he says the wager won’t end there.

“The loser is going to wear the winner’s colors on Monday. So Greg I’m really looking forward to you being in solid blue. Solid blue, buddy!”

The two mayors did their friendly smack talking on neutral ground: at a meeting of the Bluegrass Economic Advancement Movement in Frankfort.