Mayor Eager About a Lexington Water Front

Jun 8, 2012

 Lexington’s mayor is convinced a waterfront could someday greet downtown visitors.  Jim Gray was among a group of community leaders just back from a Commerce Lexington trip to San Antonio. “A lot of people came back from San Antonio thinking , ‘hey’, this town branch idea, is viable,” said Gray.  The San Antonio River Walk is known for its entertainment, restaurants, and shops.  Gray says Lexington’s town branch creek offers such an opportunity to enhance the quality of life locally.

"Does this mean you resurrect it from 20 feet below ground,  no..they didn’t do that with the River Walk,  the San Antonio River…but what engineers will tell you is the water flow in the town branch..may be equivalent to what the water flow is in the San Antonio River,” added Gray.

While millions and millions of dollars could be invested in a downtown= project like this, Gray believes a modest investment can go a long way in bringing water feature downtown..

“The San Antonio River is many miles long now, the river walk itself and what’s called the mission reach is many miles long..and so over a hundred years they’ve invested arguably millions of dollars, but it started out as a modest project,” said Gray.

Gray says an engineering and cost analysis will examine the feasibility of creating a waterfront in Lexington.  He estimates much could be accomplished with a few million dollars.  However, there are reports resurrecting Town Creek Branch could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.