Masterson Station Playground Opens

Kids and families eager for some fun in the sun this summer will have a large new playground at Masterson Station Park to visit. Elementary school kids bussed in to help Lexington Mayor Jim Gray officially open the new Masterson playground wasted no time trying out all the new equipment. Jett Pennington’s favorite? "So far, it's that thing," he says, pointing to an upright circular piece of equipment, "it's the spinny thing, that spins around and you have to hold on and it goes upside down."

The playground, which is three times as big as an average neighborhood playground in town, aims to please kids from 2 to 12. Jerry Hancock, director of the Division of Parks and Recreation, says the new equipment, as well as a volleyball court and a picnic shelter, will make the area what he calls a “destination park.”

"By that we mean that we expect that people from all over town will come and visit this playground because it's unique and different and has more features than any of our other single playgrounds in Lexington," he explains. 

Long-term plans call for three more volleyball courts and five more picnic shelters.