Man O War Widening Study Gets Backing

Oct 22, 2013


Lexington city leaders are taking a first step toward widening a major roadway in Fayette County.  The Council this Tuesday voted to spend a quarter million dollars to study improvements to Man O War Boulevard.  Council member Shevawn  Akers questions whether cost estimates done now will be relevant years later.

“I mean if we do a study now and spend 250 thousand to look at the entire road, knowing that we won’t do even a quarter or half of that in the next decade, that the prices will change, that the traffic patterns will change, the populations in certain parts of the city may change,” said Akers.

Planning Commissioner Derik Paulsen says there are priority locations along the four lane roadway which almost circles the town.  He admits improvements will come in phases over time.   

“To get it funded we need estimates and this will help us figure out where, I mean there are certain areas of Man O War that are much more, that are bigger priorities and this will help us figure out where those priorities are in terms of phasing,” said Paulsen.

One of the most often mentioned priorities along Man O War Boulevard is the stretch between Richmond Road and Interstate 75.  Work on the busy circular road could take a decade or more to complete.