Making UK Opera Stars into Hoofers

Jun 9, 2011

The school year’s opera students become song and dance men and women this weekend at the University of Kentucky.  For the 19th year, UK Opera is staging a “Grand Night for Singing”.  Not only is the summertime tradition a favorite among audiences, but, Director Everett McCorvey says it also teaches important lessons to his students.

“The reality is that we will certainly have singers who go on to pursue operatic careers, but, there’s a whole world out there of other career possibilities in the performing arts,” said McCorvey.

McCorvey adds “A Grand Night for Singing” will again feature music from Broadway and  “the Great American Songbook.” 

 “I wanted to give our students the experience of putting a high energy show together in a short amount of time. I also wanted to introduce them to this style of music,” said McCorvey.

McCorvey says it converts his students into song-and-dance men and women.

“Act, dance and sing, and they’ve got to be able to do all three and sell a song. And one of the things that I think is always amazing when I work with the kids on “Grand Night” is that, when the fall happens and they return to their operatic repertoire, they are all different, they have all changed,” said McCorvey.

 “A Grand Night for Singing” is staged this weekend and next weekend at the Singletary Center.