Madisonville Center Adds 25 Jobs

Jun 3, 2011

WEBstaurant Store Inc. has chosen Madisonville as its second location to operate a distribution center. WEBstaurant will hire 25 employees this summer, who will start to work within the next few weeks. Employment will eventually increase to 100, according to the company’s president, Dave Groff. The announcement was made during a news conference at the Madisonville/Hopkins County Economic Development Corp. on Thursday morning.

“We have conducted a full operation and expansion research project in the area for the past year, and are satisfied to have found a building to expand our operation. The community and people are great, and we feel that we have found a fabulous place to do business,” said Groff, who is also vice president of distribution for Clark Associates, the parent company of WEBstaurant.

Groff said that the salaries and benefits packages will be competitive.

“We are looking for hard- working, ambitious and intelligent people, starting with pickers and packers, customer service and logistic employees,” he said.

WEBstaurant, an online company based in Lancaster, Pa., is in the business of distributing food service equipment.

The Madisonville distribution center will operate in the 148,000-square-foot building formerly owned by Autoliv Co. The company moved its operation to Mexico in 2007.

“We’re strictly an e-commerce business, where customers order products from us online. We distribute products in the U.S. and Canada,” said Groff.

The e-company, which was established in 2004, offers 40,000 different items, ranging from paper plates to commercial ranges, he said.

Madisonville’s location is very appealing to businesses who want to be centrally located, said Steve Cox, chairman of the economic development corporation.

“It fits very well with our new frontier in becoming a force in technological development, and adds a different concept of manufacturing in our area,” he said.

“When more economic development occurs, it increases the stabilization of our community and also those communities which surround us. We’ve been blessed with the coal mining industry. Madisonville is a regional economy now,” said Cox.

Groff said renovations of the facility are under way. He is confident about the strategic Midwest location.

“From Madisonville, we can get shipments to Chicago in one business day, and to Texas in two business days,” he said.

A list published by the Central Penn Business Journal’s website lists WEBstaurant as one of central Pennsyvania’s top 50 fastest growing businesses.

Groff said that his company is accepting job applications via its website. For more information, visit, or contact the Madisonville/Hopkins County Economic Development Corp. at 270-821-1939, or the Office of Employment and Training on Federal Street at 270-824-7562.