Madison-Jessamine Connector Study Continues

Jul 24, 2012

A highway making the trip from Jessamine County to interstate 75 a shorter, straighter route could bolster economic development in the Nicholasville area.   The transportation proposal under review would link Jessamine County to Madison County at Interstate 75.   Jessamine County Chamber of Commerce Director, Amy Cloud says little residential and commercial development is currently found east of Nicholasville.

“We do still have wonderful economic development and we’re growing.  We’re always in the top ten population wise in the state.  But, for new industry, it would be nice.   You know, a lot of them count on rail access or interstate access.  And we don’t have either one of those right now,” said Cloud.

Currently, most motorists in Jessamine County travel to Lexington first and then on to the interstate.  The proposed connector would link U.S. 27 in Jessamine County with Madison County at I-75.  Cloud says environmental issues are currently being reviewed....

“There are creeks that run through our community that people love and the wildlife that goes with it.  But, currently that’s what it is, it’s wide open spaces and farmland and natural resources.  There’s not, there nothing in that direction.  It’s un-developed,” added Cloud.

Wilmore Public Works Director, David Carlstedt says some discussion has centered on making the connector a toll road.  He says it’s a transportation project which would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.  No final decision is expected for some time.