Lyric Theatre Meeting Amid Neighbor Complaints

Feb 28, 2012

A community meeting is scheduled at Lexington’s Lyric Theatre Tuesday night to give residents a chance to speak out about the kind of events they would like to see at the venue. Some African-American community members have expressed frustration with what they see as a lack of access to the refurbished facility.

The stated goal of Tuesday night’s meeting is to gather ideas from the public, but it may take more than one meeting to iron out the differences between the Lyric board and some neighborhood residents who have complained about excessive rental fees and a lack of East End representation on the board. The Historic East End Community Association has taken those concerns to the U.S. Justice Department.

"We can definitely improve accessibility and we want to encourage better utilization of the facility, but I do not think, however, that there is a concerted effort to deny anyone access to the Lyric," said 1st District Urban County Councilman Chris Ford.

The meeting is set for Tuesday night at 6 PM at the Lyric Theatre.