Lowering Power in Lexington

Dec 15, 2011

Come next spring, a voluntary strategy to reduce overall power consumption in Lexington could be put before government leaders.  A diverse team of environmentalists, business, agriculture, and government officials has worked on the Empower Lexington plan for about two years.  Tom Webb, who’s an environmental manager, says the initiatives would affect public, private, and commercial sectors.

“The L-F-U-C-G has a role in reducing our energy use and our emissions obviously.  But as an example, we quantified our emissions and they’re only two percent of the community’s emissions.. so if we did everything…if we turned the lights off and went home tomorrow…we would only impact that number by a small percentage because we’re only two percent of the total,” said Webb.

Overall, they hope to reduce Lexington’s power consumption by one percent annually.  Webb says it can be accomplished through a myriad of ways.

“Something as simple as energy star appliance standards…improving lighting standards or people may drive less as the population ages…they are different ways of getting there,” added Webb.

Webb says measuring power consumption can be done through computer software.  He says it would include reports from Kentucky Utilities on electrical use and from Columbia Gas of Kentucky for natural gas usage.