LOU Considers Fireworks Ban

Jun 20, 2011

The Louisville Metro council committee on Public Safety held a special meeting today that ended with the passage of a revised ordinance that allows the sale and use of fireworks within city limits. The ordinance was created to respond to a move by state lawmakers that made it legal to sell and ignite fireworks anywhere in Kentucky. The initial proposal in the council reinstated the ban, limiting the sale and use to only small grade novelties. However, amendments added by the county clerk’s office changed the ordinance to allow the sale of larger fireworks.

The amendment also states that it will now be legal for people to ignite aerial and other high grade devices such as roman candles. The revised ordinance prohibits the use of fireworks near buildings. It also prevents their sale at any business that isn’t a dedicated fireworks stand.

The original ordinance was submitted by Councilwoman Madonna Flood with support from the Metro Fire Department. After learning that her original proposal had been “gutted” by the clerk’s office, Flood withdrew her sponsorship.

“Since the original ordinance was brought to me by the fire department, I had my name on it; I want to make sure that my name is not attached to the amendment by substitution because I do not agree with it,” she told the committee.

Flood told WFPL after the meeting that she decided to withdraw her name because she “doesn’t want any part of an ordinance that puts public safety behind the almighty dollar.” Flood also said she plans to lobby against the ordinance before the full council votes on it.