Looking for Corporate Basketball Fans

Mar 21, 2013

Downtown Lexington is often a hectic spot, particularly when there’s  a big game a Rupp Arena.  Events like this week’s N-C-double-A tournament are money makers for the hospitality industry.  But, it also offers ‘longer term’ economic opportunities.  Among the fans coming to Lexington for the national sporting event are likely numerous corporate leaders. Lexington Mayor Jim Gray says it gives him a chance to sell the city to potential employers.

“Can an event, can the quality of an event like this tournament inspire, or encourage to actually consider, think about moving to a place.  The answer is easy.  The answer is yes.  Now will it solidify and close it, close the deal so to speak, no,” said Gray.

Mayor Jim Gray says selling Lexington is all about building interest in the community.

“It’s just like building a brand in the private sector, say, Coca Cola or Apple.  What did Apple do?  What did Steve Jobs do?  Steve Jobs recognized that design, and marketing, and branding, good design was good for selling, good for computers.  Good design is also good for cities,” added Gray.

Gray says Lexington leaders won’t use this week’s N-C-double-A Men’s basketball tournament event at Rupp Arena to court a specific company.  Instead, they hope to follow up with potential employers who attend such events and come to realize the opportunities offered by Lexington.