Lock Work Could Open Up Rivertown Economies

Jul 26, 2012

Work to refurbish two locks on the Kentucky River could increase recreational traffic along the waterway and provide an economic boost to riverfront communities.  Work this summer focuses on locks three and four, and rehabilitation is scheduled for 2013 on locks one and two.  David Hamilton is an engineer with the Kentucky River Authority.  “Once that is complete, that will open up river traffic from the Ohio River you could navigate all the way up to lock and dam number five,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton says the renovations would allow boats to travel up the river beyond Frankfort to a spot between Lawrenceburg and Versailles. He says commercial traffic on the river ended over a decade ago when a sand company stopped using barges to move product.  Hamilton doesn’t envision a resumption of such commercial enterprises anytime soon.

“I’m not saying there’s not a chance.  From the people I’ve talked to, it’s a somewhat of a difficult river to navigate,” added Hamilton.

There are 14 locks and dams along the Kentucky River.  All are operated by the Kentucky River Authority.