Local TED Event Back in Lexington

An unconventional conference featuring speakers from a variety of backgrounds is returning to central Kentucky. It's called TEDxLex. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The non-profit organization started hosting groups of speakers in California back in 1984, and now there are TED events across the country. 

Kent Lewis organized Lexington's first TED conference last year, and it's coming back next month with a theme of "playful innovation." 

"Playful innovation is really the discovery that not all ideas have to change the world. That all these ideas can be fun, creative, and challenging to those around us." 

A poet, pharmacist, sand artist, and sonic cartographer are among the presenters who will speak at TEDxLex. Lewis says the goal is for audience members to learn and be inspired by their passion. 

"The speakers help create the conversation that happens at the conference. And these speakers are dynamic and they allow this conversation to happen and it attracts some of the top people here in Lexington that you can be face to face with for the day." 

The event is October 21st at the Kentucky Theater. Tickets cost $55 dollars; $25 for students.