Local School Boards Petitioning for More Money

Oct 30, 2013

Credit projectappleseed.org

In what’s being called a grassroots movement, dozens of Kentucky school boards have passed resolutions requesting  more state  funding for public education.  Brad Hughes has been with the Kentucky School Boards Association for 20 years. He says during that time there hasn’t been a stronger message sent to lawmakers that current funding levels are inadequate.

  Hughes says the movement started after a resolution was passed by the Rowan County school board last month. Now, other districts are passing similar resolutions at a quick pace.

“A couple of weeks ago we had four or five. Now we have 60. I have no doubt that we’ll have 173 before this effort catches on,” said Hughes.

Education Commissioner Terry Holliday has called this next budget cycle a “make or break” year for Kentucky’s public education system.  An increase in student enrollment but no hike in funding means districts  have less per-pupil spending. Hughes acknowledges that other agencies will also be asking for more money in the  next budget cycle.