Local Food Fair at Transy

Feb 18, 2012

Transylvania University's first-ever local food fair attracted a larger crowd than expected Friday. There were three letters on the lips of nearly everyone at the fair: CSA. It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Organizer Angela Dossett said CSAs are like Farmer's Markets, only they allow growers and buyers to forge a different kind of bond. "You invest in a farm at the beginning of the growing season and then all through the growing season you get beautiful boxes of produce every week," Dossett said.

And that's not the only benefit, according to Arwen Donahue, who manned the Three Springs Farm booth.

"Those customers are often invited out to the farm and they can take a hike on the place. They can ask the farmers how things are grown. The farmers can provide recipes," Donahue said.

While it may be February, there are some samples on offer. Crystal Shepherd made her way past the booths, and chatted with farmers about their products.

"We like to eat local if we can. We like to have healthy, whole, real food, so that's why we wanted to come check it out," she said.

Transylvania organizers hope events like Friday's fair will help advance the conversation about sustainability.