Listener Feedback: Overnight, Early Morning Tech Issues

Aug 4, 2014

Listener, “Lori” wrote to us this past week, saying “I’ve noticed that you have repeated the same program on Red Barn Radio & Folk Alley for the past three weeks on Sunday mornings.  I know they have new shows.”

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She is right and we are grateful that she let us know since some of us are not usually up at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. We’ve been realigning some staff duties and we’re still getting a handle on some of the details of station operations.

On a related issue, Mary wrote to us the previous week, “I'm sure it's Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The one night of the week that I truly enjoy listening to the radio. Woodsongs. Folk Alley. Midnight Special.  And what do I find? Classical.”

Again, that was a mistake likely caused by changes we’ve been going through.  Although, one additional weekend error occurred just this past Saturday and I know whom to blame for that one…myself. Somehow, and I really don’t quite know, I managed to put this week’s Inside Appalachia into the system in a way that caused it to repeat once the show ended.

That caused two other programs to run late, namely Travel With Rick Steves and the Saturday edition of Bob Edwards Weekend. It also caused us to miss the beginning of Weekend Edition Saturday.

Thanks to both Sara and Mary Linda for letting us know about it. We, and especially I, apologize for that one.

We’re glad to hear from you. (And we mean that sincerely when we suggest you call my cell phone number at any hour for major issues.)  Write to us at WEKU at e-k-u dot e-d-u, post on Facebook, send a tweet or call 859-622-1657.  In one of these extreme, programming-is-off the air or running-the-wrong-program issues, feel free to call or text 859-248-0343.

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