Lexington's Sewer Overhaul Begins With Three Major Projects

Aug 14, 2013

Credit Zen Sutherland / Flickr, Creative Commons

Three major sewer projects get underway in Lexington within the next few weeks.  Residents in the Century Hills neighborhood will see upgrades near Pimlico Parkway.  Mark York, who’s with the City’s Division of Environmental Policy, says a second sanitary sewer project could complicate traffic along a major Lexington artery.

“We’ll be coming under Harrodsburg road and going through, that project goes through the St. Joseph Hospital Park area, which is between Harrodsburg and Mason Headley and then will either go under Mason Headley or through Mason Headley.  I don’t think a decision’s been made yet,” said York.

The third sewer project planned this fall involves the East Lake area off Richmond road.  The work is part of a ten-year, 600-million dollar sewer overhaul ordered by the federal government. 

“There will be people working possibly in someone’s back yard or you’ll see close this creek area where the existing pipe is located.  There may be some traffic impacts associated with that.  And what we’ll do is we’ll work very hard and be proactive is letting people know if there’s gonna be a traffic impact as it relates to one of these sanitary sewer projects,” added York.

An informational meeting on the Century Hills project is this (Wednesday) evening at Saint Luke Methodist Church.