Lexington's Number-Two Announces Retirement From Council

Nov 15, 2013

Credit Lexington Urban County Government

The most experienced member of Lexington’s City Council has announced her plans to leave government service.   By the end of 2014, Lexington Vice Mayor Linda Gorton will become the longest serving Council member since local government was overhauled in the 1970’s.  She made a formal announcement Thursday before a crowded city hall lobby.

“I am here to announce the beginning of another chapter in my life.  I have decided not to run for re-election in 2014,” said Gorton.

After the announcement, there were tears from fellow Council members.  Many in the lobby had worked with on Gorton on initiatives like clean indoor air, land preservation, and a fairness ordinance.  After her term ends next year, the former nurse says she’ll travel, volunteer and write.

“I’m going to write fiction.  My first novel will be ‘Murder in the Council Chamber,” laughed Gorton. 

Before she leaves office, Gorton would like to see more progress on rural trails.  She says just dealing with everyday budget matters is always a priority.  Gorton says she wouldn’t rule out a return to government service, but for now her focus is on family and retirement.