Lexington's Hotel-Motel Tax and Land Preservation

Mar 22, 2012

A program in Fayette County designed to preserve rural land could one day be supported by a special tax.   Now, those funds come from Lexington’s general fund.  When it set up its Purchase of Development Rights, or P-D-R, program, city lawyer David Barberee told council member Kevin Stinnett, voters could have set aside a portion of the Hotel-Motel Tax for the program.

“Could you go back and re-adopt P-D-R through a voter referendum.  “I think if you did..you would have the legal ability to raise the one percent to fund P-D-R,” said Barberee.

“So the law department’s opinion is we can’t do a one percent p-d-r through the hotel motel tax statute?” asked Stinnett.

“the P-D-R one is tied to a voter referendum and we didn’t do it,” replied Barberee.

Lexington might be able to designate some hotel-motel tax money, but first, Barberee says the city’s lawyers would have to do some research.  Stinnett, who sparked a review of the hotel-motel tax, says he has no interest is proposing a new tax.