Lexington's Chicken Coop Tour

May 13, 2011

Final preparations are being made for what’s believed to be Lexington’s first downtown chicken coop tour.  It’s called ‘Tour De Coops’ and the Sunday afternoon event is sponsored by Cooperative of Lexington Urban Chicken Keepers or Cluck.

  Travis Robinson has eight chickens with his coop which will be part of the self led tour.  He says it’s built right in his kids play equipment.

“Well they play on the top and they can slide right over it.  So it works out good.  Double duty,” said Robinson.

Jake Gibbs says chickens are ‘pretty in’ in the urban environment.  His coop is also on the weekend tour.

“We have three now.  We had six, but that keeps us in eggs.  It’s like 15 to 20 eggs a week.  There’s  just three of us at home now.”

Travis Robinson says local law allows for inner city chicken farming.  He says the city or neighbors haven’t expressed any opposition.

“It’s not against the law.  You can have up to eight chickens in Lexington.  So, they haven’t given us any trouble and neither have the neighbors so I would suspect they would only find out if the neighbors told them,” added Robinson.

Tickets are five dollars. The tour runs from noon until five with a panel discussion at 5:30 at Good Foods Coop.