Lexington's 'Address Ordinance' Moves On

Mar 15, 2012

New street addresses could soon be assigned to a Lexington neighborhood along Richmond Avenue.  It’s in an ordinance okayed by an Urban County Council committee.  It prohibits addresses that are out of sequence or include fractions.  Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says any confusion could slow the response of firefighters, police and emergency medical personnel.

“The bottom line is our public safety…and even if it’s a 30 second or a sixty second delay..it could be someone’s life,” said Gorton.

Among the Richmond Avenue residents opposing the ordinance is Edwin Hackney.

“The police and the fire representatives both said there’s no empirical evidence that there’s any delay…but there could be..and that’s what they based it on,” explained Hackney.

If given final approval, there would be expenses for homeowners to take on.  That’s a concern for council member Bill Farmer.

“To make a change in everything from their checks to their deeds to every address book they’ve ever had…to satisfy a need that is only brought to bear by the government,” said Farmer.

The committee vote on the address ordinance was five to four. Council member Tom Blues worries an exemption for that neighborhood would set a bad precedent…

“Many, many other neighborhoods in the city can come forward and say well we too are an older neighborhood.. what makes this other older neighborhood more historical or more culturally significant than our neighborhood,” added Blues.

The full council gets a chance to weigh in on the proposal in the weeks ahead.