Lexington Vigil Honors Las Vegas Victims, Survivors, Families

Oct 5, 2017

A crowd of a few dozen gathered in Lexington’s Triangle Park  Wednesday evening to remember those who died in Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas. 

Mayor Jim Gray said people here mourn and grieve for those in Nevada who gathered together for a good time, a great American tradition, country music.  

“These were men and women, mothers fathers sons and daughters, neighbors, fellow worshippers, co-workers who had come together to have a good time,” noted Gray.

Country music fan Mark Green participated in the vigil, organized by some local radio stations.

“I just wanted to honor the people that lost their lives in Vegas.  I saw it on the news at noon and said I need to be down here,” said Green.

Diane Prichard's daughter was in Las Vegas Sunday night.  She said her daughter thought about staying an extra day and going to the concert, but was at the airport ready to come home when the shooting occurred. 

Prichard said it was a "close to home" experience, knowing her daughter was near such tragedy. 

“I think I’ve prayed more the past three days than I’ve ever prayed in my whole life.  I’m hoping that the victims’ families get some relief and can find some answers and that God heals their souls because I just feel bad for them,” said Prichard.

Local country music radio DJs participated in the candlelight vigil.  Karl Shannon called the event a “healing experience for us.”  He told those gathered, quote, there are "still going to be evil things going on, but there are a lot more good people than there are evil people.”

Immanuel Baptist Pastor Ron Edmondson told those in the park God is close to the broken-hearted.  While water flowed down the stair steps of the fountain in Triangle Park it reflected red, white, and blue colors.​