Lexington VA Participates in National Internal Audit

May 25, 2014

Credit mc.uky.edu

Lexington's Veterans Administration Hospital is undergoing an internal audit.  It's part of a national assessment by the VA.

Following national news reports focusing on delays in medical appointments for some veterans, the VA is reviewing its healthcare facilities.  Lexington spokeswoman Desti Stimes says an audit team is in the middle of a two week stop in the community.  "We are confident that the audit will show that our employees are following the national scheduling guidance that has been provided to us by VHA," said Stimes.

Stimes says the electronic waiting list at the VA allows staff to determine the best scheduling of care for new and existing patients.  She says such information helped when the local VA hospital opened Wednesday after-hours and Saturday clinics.   "We treat veterans as individuals with clinical leadership, reviewing, evaluating, and prioritizing patient needs on a daily basis.  We look at the electronic wait list every day," added Stimes.

Stimes says some 450 thousand outpatient services were provided last year at the Lexington VA and satellite centers.