Lexington Restaurant Inspection Placards Get New Look

Oct 3, 2017

Credit Fayette County Health Department

The Lexington Health Department is changing the look of restaurant inspection placards found posted at eating establishments. 

Currently, the scores posted in green ink signify a passing grade and red used for a failing inspection.

Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall says the green and red ink will now be used to draw attention to the restaurant inspection scores.

“It’s going to be bolder and more visible.  It’s going to be easier for the public to see.  You can immediately look at it,” said Hall. 

“See that red box or that green box and then that score will be written inside of it.”

Hall says previous health department inspections have resulted in restaurants closing to fix problems, but not caused permanent closures. 

“For every hour that they’re closed, that’s money that they’re losing and they want to make sure that they work with us and get everything back up and running as quickly as possible,” noted Hall.

Hall says the transition to the new placards will occur as new inspections take place.  The health department inspects some 1,550 restaurants at least twice each year.​