Lexington Posts Signs Discouraging Direct Giving to Panhandlers

Jul 17, 2017

Lexington has posted signs at 46 intersections encouraging giving to panhandlers via website.
Credit Stu Johnson

Lexington is ramping up its campaign to persuade motorists not to give cash directly to panhandlers along streets. 

Signs encouraging citizens to “Change the way you give” are now up at 46 intersections.

The signs, at intersections known to be frequented by panhandlers, urge citizens to contribute at the website www.lexgive com

Money collected there will be used to support the “End Panhandling Now” van that has traveled Lexington streets for two months.  The van offers rides to job sites for those who want to work.  

Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention Director Polly Ruddick says people are getting on board.

“We are very happy to say that they do.  The van is full.  It’s been full every day, but one with people who are willing to work,” said Ruddick.

Ruddick says offering cash directly to panhandlers may be supporting drug or alcohol addictions.  She says Lexington is seeking approval from the state to post signs at another 69 intersections.