Lexington Police See More Heroin Abuse

Jun 8, 2012

Lexington police are seeing an increase in heroin abuse.  Michele Young heads the department’s special investigations unit, which includes narcotics enforcement.  She says heroin reappeared consistently last fall.  Prior to that, Young says they saw only one heroin-related offense within a seven month period.  The police lieutenant says a crackdown on prescription drug abuse could have some users shifting to heroin.  “Once the pills started officially now going up in price..obviously to get that same high..they’re gonna switch to heroin which is much cheaper,” said Young.

Recently, Young says there have also been more heroin overdoses.  She adds some were fatal.  The police lieutenant anticipates a continued increase in heroin abuse.

“Probably if someone is whether they are snorting or ingesting the pills, the heroin is probably more potent..so if they do the same amount…that’s probably what’s getting them caught in the trick bag of getting an overdose,” added Young.

Young says abusing heroin is cheaper than the abuse of prescription pills.  She suspects efforts to curtail prescription drug abuse have driven up street costs.