Lexington Police Crackdown on Unlicensed Drivers

Jun 27, 2012


Lexington police are working to reduce crashes on area roadways by cracking down on unlicensed and suspended drivers.  Officer Alvin Cook says a safety checkpoint will be set up along Liberty road at Star Shoot Parkway Thursday night.  “The problem of unlicensed and suspended drivers is a very bad one here in Fayette County..last year in 2011 we had 684 crashes involving drivers who were either unlicensed or were driving on a suspended drivers’ license…these collisions resulted in 276 injuries…so we’re trying to reduce our collisions and injury rates,” said Cook.

Cook says violators can be arrested and face significant fines and court costs.  

"If the officer determines an arrest is not necessary…then he may issue a citation to appear in court…the fines can be anyway from 50 dollars up to several hundred dollars plus possible attorney fees, court costs, lost time at work..and the biggest thing is your insurance rates will continue to rise,” added Cook.

Cook says a separate sobriety safety check point will be held Friday night along west main street downtown.