Lexington Police Consider Fee for Personal Use of Cruisers

Jul 9, 2014

Credit kentucky.com

Lexington police officers may be asked to pay a monthly fee to use their cruisers for personal reasons.  The issue came before Tuesday’s meeting of the Urban County Council's Public Safety Committee.  Mayoral Senior Advisor Scott Shapiro says the aim is to increase police presence throughout the community.  He says officers would pay a fee of $50 per month for personal use of police vehicles.  “That helps police officers convenience, but it certainly helps the city to have a greater police presence out driving around," said Shapiro.

Officer participation in the monthly fee program would be voluntary.  More than one council member expressed concern about the proposal.  The policy change is being voted on this week by rank and file officers. 

Fraternal Order of Police President Jason Rothermund says there's interest in reaching a decision about the police fleet.  "It's taken a lot of discussion to get here and obviously events in the city in terms of a spiking crime rate and violent crime trends that are happening are encouraging this vote to be pushed along whether it's a yes or no vote.  I think people just want to know which way to go from here," said Rothermund.

F-O-P Results should be known by the end of this coming weekend.