Lexington Planners Seek Public Comments on Bike, Pedestrian Issues

May 17, 2017

Credit Stu Johnson

Lexington city planners are asking walkers and cyclists for ideas on how to to improve pedestrian and cycling transportation in Fayette and Jessamine counties.

Citizens were given an opportunity Tuesday night to participate in the master plan update.

Lexington Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Scott Thompson says public comments will be gathered through June. 

He says suggestions may cover trail design, new bike lanes, policies, and enforcement.  

Stopping in to take a look at maps laid out at West Sixth Street Brewery was John O’Shea. “More bike lanes is always a good thing.  The Town Branch Commons project that’s going to go through downtown is a fantastic move in the right direction,” said O’Shea.  “That will hopefully increase foot traffic and bike traffic in the downtown area.”

O’Shea says he commutes year round, including one bike trip when the temperature was below zero. 

Mandy Stein also participated in the open house event.  She says her interest in cycling picked up after she decorated her bike and helmet with plastic flowers.  “I started riding my bike around because I thought it was fun to chat with people about my decorations and then I just started riding and riding more often doing that and so the rest is history,” said Stein.  “Now I commute everywhere by bike.”

Scott Thompson says the prioritization of projects for the master plan will hopefully be wrapped up by the end of the year.