Lexington Pastor Calls Martin Luther's 95 Theses Relevant in Today's World

Oct 31, 2017

A central Kentucky church pastor sees significance in Martin Luther’s 95 theses which were offered 500 years ago Tuesday in Wittenberg Germany.  

The professor of theology is recognized as a key figure in the protestant reformation.  Mike Huebner is pastor of Our Redeemer Church in east Lexington. 

Huebner says, in some ways, government today has assumed the role that church and God used to hold in the hearts and minds of people.  He says division is often found in government. “These are ultimate issues and if you don’t see eye to eye then it is much more divisive I think in a world where God isn’t God anymore but something political is,” said Huebner.

Huebner and members of his church plus other Lutheran churches this past Sunday participated in a re-enactment of Luther hammering the 95 theses to the door at the All Saints Church in Germany