Lexington Parking Garage Close Until Further Notice

A thirty-year old parking garage in downtown Lexington is closed until further notice while engineers determine its safety. The city-owned Phoenix parking garage on East Vine Street closed for a brief time in May after a large concrete panel fell from the structure.

-"Recently we've had another couple of opinions and because we have so many open parking places in adjacent lots we wanted to move some of our folks into other garages while we review the current data to determine what we may do with that garage, and hopefully we'll have a decision the next week."

LFUCG administrative officer Tom Wilson, who manages the city's six parking structures, says the move is strictly precautionary.

"We decided that we wanted to take a look at the garage and take the folks that park in it, which are all city employees of the city, we just wanted to put them in adjacent garages. I'd like to emphasize that there's no immediate danger and nothing has happened at the garage, it might look suspicious but it really isn't. We've just moved folks to other garages while we figure out what our next step is going to be."