Lexington Officer Denies Disability Claim

A Lexington police officer whose doctor has restricted her to permanent light duty has been denied an occupational disability retirement.  The Police and Fire Pension Board heard the appeal of Officer Jennifer Crabill last week. She has suffered various injuries in nearly ten years on the police force.

Crabill was waiting to go back to full duty in July of last year when she went skydiving and rode a roller coaster at Cedar Point amusement park.

"I didn't have any pain at that time is the only thing I can say that was going through my mind. I had a letter saying that I was cleared to go back to full duty. I was excited about that. I thought I was done. I thought I was healed, cured."

Crabill testified at the hearing that she was medically cleared after riding those rides, but she started having more pain when she went back to the police force.

The pension board ruled that Crabill could not prove that her injuries were work-related, or that she had suffered a total and permanent occupational disability.

Crabill says she doesn't want to leave her police job, but that her doctor has given her no choice. She has been on Family Medical Leave since April.