Lexington Nonprofit Launches New Effort to Combat Workplace Stress

Aug 18, 2014

Credit theguardian.com

    A Lexington charitable group begins workshops this week aimed at impacting corporate attendance, violence, stress, and relationships. 

The Labors of Love and Leadership program is offered through Lamplighters of America Incorporated.  Executive Director Becky Sowell says redirecting stress in the office can lessen tension in the home.  "You become not only a different employee here, but you become a different leader at home with your intimate partner and your children and that's huge.  If we can impact corporate America, that actually trickles down into the house, then we do the full circle and all goes down to the kids too," said Sowell.

Sowell, who's spent a quarter century working in nursing, says all employees carry stress into the office.   "What do they carry in with them in their bag? And every single one of us have a bag and some of them are very heavy and we carry it well.  Some of us are moderately heavy and we don't carry it well.  Every single person has a different level of resilience as well," added Sowell.

She says the program can help corporate leaders guide their workers through redirection when needed, without increasing the stress.​