Lexington Noise Ordinance Due Back This Fall

Jul 2, 2012

Lexington city leaders could get another look at a ‘noise ordinance’ proposal this fall.  Members of the Urban County Council’s Planning Committee reviewed the task force report earlier this year and opted not to pass it on to the full council.  The proposal called for the establishment of a ‘noise board’ to help mediate sound issues.  Council member Tom Blues brought the report before the council.  “We need to have a better mechanism for dealing with noise issues within our community…one that’s fair to everybody…so we do intend to bring it back,” said Blues.

Some members of the commercial sector claimed it could create barriers to retail sales.  Task force chair, Tom Blues says trucks can deliver goods in the middle of the night, as long as they don’t cause too big a ruckus.

“So the notion that we were restricting the free flow of commerce…I think was misguided at best,” added Blues.

Blues maintains the framework of any new noise ordinance draft will be similar in nature to the previous proposal.  He believes a noise board provision should remain in the measure.