Lexington Mayor's Vetoes Stand

All three of Lexington Mayor Jim Gray's historic line-item vetoes of the Urban County Council-approved budget will remain in effect. The council put up resistance to only one set of cuts. In what Councilman Jay McChord called a "heartfelt" decision, the body voted 11-4 to keep Mayor Gray's 10-percent across-the-board cut to the government's partner agencies intact, shaving close to 315-thousand dollars off the budget. Councilman Doug Martin, who voted against overriding the mayor's veto, said slashing the budgets of organizations like the Salvation Army and Hope Center in the midst of difficult economic times was painful.

"I do hope the council will come back and look at some of these particular agencies who provide funding for very needy people," he said.

The mayor's two other vetoes - one cutting funding for sports fields at Jacobson and Shillito Park and another eliminating funding for seven government communications positions - were not brought up for a vote.