Lexington Mayor's Re-Election Campaign Headquarters Opens

Sep 24, 2013

Credit lexingtonky.gov

With the opening of a campaign headquarters, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray is officially starting his effort to secure a second term.  In explaining why he seeks re-election in 20-14, Jim Gray said ‘it’s a very rewarding job’ with ‘plenty of problems still to solve.’  While no one has formally announced a challenge, the mayor told supporters ‘this is America, somebody will run.’

‘I’m acknowledged that it’s part of America that we have campaigns and we have a vigorous engagement and you know often times a lot of candidates.  You can’t predict what’s gonna happen this time,” said Gray.

Mayor Gray helped run his family’s construction business for years before getting into politics.  After four years in the Mayor's Office, Gray still believes some of those same, private sector strategies work to stabilize government finances.

“This is all about taking good business practices and principals into government.  Now, I’ve confirmed that now after three and a half years that that is an accurate strategy,” added Gray.

Among those people on hand for the ribbon cutting was Council member Bill Farmer.  The jewelry story owner, who made an unsuccessful bid for mayor, endorses the incumbent.  Farmer says another run for mayor is not in his cards anytime soon.

“Well, I mean you never say no, but it’s not something I have planned this time, no.  I got to tell ya, I really enjoy doing my job, I do.  I missed the job of being fifth district council member more than I understood,” said Farmer.

As far as Gray’s candidacy, Farmer said ‘this mayor’s done great things for the city of Lexington.  He’s inspired generations here that haven’t been inspired before.”  Still, he may face a challenge from former Lexington police chief Anthany Beatty.  He is considering a run, but has not made a final decision.