Lexington Mayor, Challenger Respond to Weekend Violence

Jun 25, 2014

Credit kentucky.com


Five weekend shootings in Lexington are prompting the mayor and his political challenger to comment on crime matters.

The five separate shootings last weekend resulted in two deaths and injuries to two others.  Mayor Jim Gray met with key players in the local criminal justice community Wednesday.  Gray says his role is to appoint responsible, competent law enforcement leaders,  "The worse thing that anybody can do in a management role is to micro manage. Now, that said, I am here today and I am available anytime and will be engaged."

Gray says the highest priority must always be public safety.  Mayoral candidate and former police chief Anthany Beatty says financial resources and officer numbers are lacking.  "And this is not about the employees and what they are doing, but it is certainly about the leadership and the support they get when they are trying to do their job," said Beatty.

Beatty worries the division of police is almost in a "catch up" mode regarding crime.  He believes re-instituting the take-home policy for police vehicles, tactical and response activities, and neighborhood policing are all needed.