Lexington Mayor Cancels Rupp Project Due to Lack of UK Support

Jun 18, 2014

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray has suspended the City’s efforts to reinvent Rupp Arena and build a new convention center. The city says it cancelled its plans because the University of Kentucky changed its mind about a new facility lease in 2018.

Credit kentucky.com

In a news release, the mayor says his office and Governor Steve Beshear learned of UK’s change of heart about the lease during recent meetings about the project.

Gray said officials had designed the proposed renovation based on what the university said it needed.

The $351 million project in downtown Lexington has been stalled for some time.

The governor said he still thinks the original plan is what Lexington and the university need. Beshear said he hopes UK will eventually be ready to move forward with the project.

UK spokesman Jay Blanton told the Associated Press that the university did not have any immediate comment.

Here's a link to the news release issued Wednesday by the City of Lexington.