Lexington-Louisville Economic Connection

Nov 1, 2011

A move to create a more cohesive regional economy connecting Lexington with Louisville continues to churn along.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher are talking about ‘advanced manufacturing’ opportunities.  It’s called the Bluegrass Economic Advancement Movement.  Successful Lexington businessman Jim Host is project chair.  He offered his thoughts to members of the Urban County Council Tuesday.

“We’ve two great universities on both ends…we’ve got two great manufacturers of automotives on both ends…why not join that all in the middle and make this the advanced applied manufacturing center of the United States,” said Host.

The idea is to locate advanced manufacturing firms between Lexington and Louisville.    Council member Doug Martin wonders about suitable sites for such firms.

“I think we’re very short on land you can actually bring a company to and to be able to recruit a company…you have to have a place to put them…and they want to know that the infrastructure is there…it’s sewer able and things like that,” said Martin.

Host says the cooperation between leaders in Lexington and Louisville is strong.  He says the two mayors are working as well together as two brothers.  The membership of a working group is expected to be formally announced later this month.