Lexington Looking at Splash Pads to Beat the Heat

Jun 2, 2014

Credit leitchfield.ky.gov

Over the past decade, some public pools in Lexington have closed while others were converted to water park-like aquatic centers.  Another option is under study now.  City General Services Commissioner Geoff Reed says "splash pads" are getting some attention.  "It's a concrete pad and water shoots out at various angles and people are really enjoying them in a lot of areas and several cities have gone to heavy use of splash pads.  They can be small, they can be large.  A lot of places have gone to them in lieu of maintaining pools," said Reed.

Reed says the mayor's office had initially suggested funding the development of a splash pad in Lexington.  He says council members are suggesting 20 thousand dollars go to study the feasibility of a splash pad option and where it might be located.

Water fountains are part of the makeup of downtown Lexington.  Two such fountains were established when the circuit and district courthouse buildings were built in 2001.  One of them, featuring high arching streams of water, has been inoperable for months at a time.  Lexington General Service Commissioner Geoff Reed says repairs would be expensive.  "We have a very limited budget and there is an awful lot of money involved in getting those things and making them operational.  There's electrical issues in the courtyard area that we're attempting to address.  I can't give you an exact time table on what will be fixed.  But, we are attempting to address those issues," added Reed.

Reed admits repairs on the court plaza fountain are not planned in the near future.​