Lexington Likely to Lift Election Day Alcohol Ban Before Fall Election

Jun 16, 2014

Credit kentucky.com

Lexington city leaders will consider lifting an Election Day ban on the sale of alcohol this fall.  The state cleared the way to remove the prohibition, but it still defers to each locality.  Vice Mayor Linda Gorton doesn't think removing the alcohol sale ban on Election Day increases the chance of drunk voters.  "I really don't think that's a legitimate issue.  I think if somebody's that intent on going to the polls and being inebriated, they're gonna do it," said Gorton.

Gorton calls it an "outdated law."  She says it was in place to prevent the buying of votes with liquor and she doesn't believe that's an issue today in Lexington.   "I have had several people and entities contact me and they are supportive of doing this.  Some of the businesses that sell alcohol have called me or emailed me," added Gorton.

Michael Donovan, who runs Wildcat Liquors, says he doesn't have a strong feeling either way.  The veteran liquor story owner says the current ban doesn't impact his business, because many buyers postpone their purchases until after six p.m. ​

The Kentucky legislature cleared the way for localities to lift alcohol bans in 2013.