Lexington Libyans Hopeful of Gadaffi Fall

For Libyans living in Lexington, it’s not another August day but more like the 4th of July.  With rebel victory over dictator Moammar Gaddafi seemingly at hand, emotions are running high. A Libyan expatriate in Lexington has no words to describe his feelings amid rebel gains in his homeland.  Ibrahim El Bakoush has been waiting for the Gadhafi regime to fall for decades.

“I’ve always heard about people who say I cannot describe my feeling, now I’m experiencing that. I cannot describe my feeling, my jubilation, the happiness.  It’s beyond explanation,” said El Bakoush.

Rebels have gained control of most parts of Tripoli. Lexington businessman Ibrahim El Bakoush insists victory didn’t come in recent days, but months ago when the Libyan people decided to take control of their lives.

“To me victory is the day, that day people decided to have the uprise because you’re controlled by fear, and once you break that fear you’re victorious, regardless of what’s the outcome,” said El Bakoush. 

El Bakoush says it’s especially sweet that gains in recent days are taking place during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

“There’s a lot more blessing in this.  And a Muslim thinks in Ramadan that if you really make a decent effort, the reward would be even sweeter,” said El Bakoush.

El Bakoush has been away from Libya for 32 years.  He says he has no worries about the future of his country after Gaddafi is gone, but has high hopes. El Bakoush says Libyans will rebuild their country with qualified people, and not those people whose first loyalty is to a dictator. El Bakoush plans to return to Libya.  But with a wife and three young children admits, it’ll be hard to leave Kentucky.