Lexington Leaders Looking for New Job Training Agent

Apr 23, 2014

Credit kyem.ky.gov

Lexington city leaders are looking into new ways to coordinate workforce training services.  The Council's Social Services Committee discussed the matter at its Tuesday meeting.  These services have been carried out through the Bluegrass Area Development District.  The matter must still go before the full Council. 

The Bluegrass ADD was the focus of a scathing state audit earlier this year.  Committee Chair Chris Ford won approval to look for a new fiscal agent for the Bluegrass Workforce Investment Board.  

"Just looking at the economic recession that we're coming out of, there is a greater need now perhaps more than ever for folks to get into the job force and re-enter the job force.  So, we need to make sure we have our hands on deck in helping them to do that," said Ford.

Ford says it's important to preserve millions of federal dollars in job training support. Council member Kevin Stinnett agrees a change is in order.  

"Who are our workforce partners in town already?  I think Commerce Lexington is one of them.  But, who are our new partners?  I think BCTC is definitely one new relationship we need to explore along with UK," said Stinnett.

Some eight million dollars has come to the Bluegrass Area Development District to facilitate job training for 17 central Kentucky counties.